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Posted by on Sep 23, 2017 in Spiritual Stuff | 0 comments

Be a Day Changer

Be a Day Changer

Someone needs you today

She has no idea what she did for me. Then again, maybe that’s why she did it.

I was in a bad mood. So, I stopped for a Starbucks pick-me-up on my way to speak at a conference to inspire people. I know, I see the irony.

After my order and arriving at the window, the barista said, “The lady in front of you just paid for yours!”

Stunned for a moment, I replied, “Awesome! For me and for her! I’ll pay for the next person then.”

The barista then explained that the lady said that this is how she celebrates her father’s birthday each year since he passed away. She goes around the city doing random acts of kindness in his memory.

As she pulled into 4 lanes of traffic on Northwest Expressway in OKC, I tried to catch up to her, but she disappeared into rush hour. And I continued on to my conference in a much better mood…with a new story.

She had changed my day.

Whose day will you change today?

Worth Repeating
Be kinder than necessary.

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.