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Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in Caregiving | 0 comments

The Power to Persevere: Mind

The Power to Persevere: Mind

Part 3: Nurture the Mind

How do you feel right now?

No matter how you answered, your feelings are massively influenced by your thoughts. Often, you may allow your thoughts to travel along a series of debilitating fixations without realizing that this is what is happening. For instance, if you are physically in pain or discomfort, your thoughts gravitate there and seem to get stuck in a repetitive pattern. This is quite natural. If you are worried about something that you expect to happen later in the day, you may drift into a cycle of anxiety about everything that could go wrong.

We all deal with this every day.

As you summon the power to persevere, nurturing better thoughts will play a crucial role. You probably won’t accidentally focus on gratitude, courage, past victories, visualizing future success, faith, love, etc. You must intentionally prompt yourself to think better. If you need some starter ideas, check out one of my recent posts on “Your Best Thoughts Playlist.”

Nurture your mind by reading helpful ideas, listening to positive messages, and interacting with “good energy” people. No matter what circumstances you are living through right now, you can take charge of your thoughts to nurture your mind. You can develop the habit of better thinking!

You have the power to persevere!

Worth Repeating

Everything is hard before it is easy.