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Posted by on Oct 26, 2017 in Caregiving | 0 comments

The Power to Persevere: Soul

The Power to Persevere: Soul

Part 2: Nurture the Soul

From the deep wells of spiritual wisdom, you learn that you must nurture your soul if you are to experience the power to persevere.

With an empty spiritual tank, every instance of adversity seems major. You get whipped around with insecurity and anxiety. Sometimes these moments of hardship ARE major, and you certainly need something in your spiritual reserve to help you navigate choppy waters.

When I am in the habit of daily spiritual exercise, I am equipped to handle challenges so much more gracefully. I think more clearly, and I retain a solid sense of security in the midst of destabilizing circumstances.

Nurturing the soul is one of the most important things you can do each day, perhaps THE most important thing. If you carve out time, energy and space for spiritual discipline today, you will be exponentially equipped to handle whatever comes your way.

Take a spiritual walk. Pray. Contemplate spiritual writings. Put yourself in a position to receive. As you nurture this habit, you will build a deep reservoir that will help sustain you in difficult times.

You will be nurturing the power to persevere.

Worth Repeating

Love is an action. Fear is a re-action.

-Gordana Biernal