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Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in Resilience | 0 comments

Clarity in the Fog

Clarity in the Fog

How to put your finger on the pulse of the problem

Anxiety, stress, and the weight of problems often causes you to feel like you are in a fog. Indecisive, confused, lacking clear judgement.

Perhaps these two questions will help you put your finger on the pulse of the problem and break through the fog:

What is working?
What is hurting?

You are most likely doing something right. You have the right doctor, the right friends, the best arrangement. Find the good. Locate your strengths or successes related to this problem. Take a moment to think about how you can multiply what is working.

But also, consider what is hurting. What are you procrastinating doing? Is there something that might only take 20 seconds of courage or 2 hours of work that could move you in the right direction? Does something need to change? Who can help?

If you are swept up in the fog, stop everything. Consider these two questions and take action immediately on on the next right thing to do. You are closer to clarity than you might think.

Worth Repeating

Pursuing perfection makes you unforgiving of the faults of others.

-Anna Quindlen