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Posted by on Jan 12, 2018 in Resilience | 0 comments

Making Up Your Mind

Making Up Your Mind

You and Your Brain

Isn’t this a funny turn of phrase? Making up your mind?

But, it’s a phrase you may have used, and if so, you know exactly what you mean by it. In small ways, we may often make up our minds to do this or that. But often, this phrase belies a more serious decision. It carries with it the understanding of resoluteness, determination, and intention.

I have primarily reserved this phrase for critical junctures in life. During only a handful of turning points in my life, I made up my mind, planted a goal firmly and consistently in my focus, and did not let up until I lived into that vision.

Do you need to make up your mind?

Worth Repeating

Feelings are not facts; you can change your feelings by changing your thinking.

-David Burns