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Posted by on Jan 19, 2018 in Spiritual Stuff | 0 comments

5 Tips for Creating Clarity

5 Tips for Creating Clarity

You and Your Brain

Sometimes we get swept up in the chaos of worrisome, anxious thinking. Decisions seem elusive. What to do?

In the moment:
1. Notice: Connect with your feelings of anxiety, worry, and being overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, take 3 more. What story are you telling yourself right now? What does your self talk sound like?

2. Step Back: When you notice that trigger emotion, pause and reflect on what is happening. Call a time out. You can spare 10 minutes. Think about who you want to be in this moment to make a difference, and what will allow you to be that person.

3. Choose: Imagine how the best version of you would respond to the situation, and write down one thing you can do today to move in that direction. Execute that “one thing” right away.

Actions for creating clarity long term:

4. Create a clear, written vision of the future you want to create. Don’t make this more difficult than it is. One page. No one is grading it except you. But, you may be surprised at the clarity that emerges from this simple exercise. Most people never get these thoughts on paper. Those who do are generating clarity.

5. List your values and find actions that demonstrate them. What 3 values drive you? Love, work, family? Going the extra mile, compassion, courage?

By engaging these action intentionally, you are creating clarity.

*Some of these thoughts were adapted from an article by Laura Huckabee-Jennings.

Worth Repeating

There are few things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity.

-Erwin McManus