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Thrive Anyway

The life circumstances of chronic illness and caregiving inevitably bring together the parallel forces of frustration and beauty. Purchase your copy right now for $14.95 + free shipping to reframe your situation and Thrive Anyway!


Parkinson Positive


You may have Parkinson’s, but Parkinson’s doesn’t have you! For patient and caregiver, this book takes you from devastating diagnosis to helping others help you live as well as you possibly can with PD. Buy now for just $14.95



Graceful Transitions

Graceful Transitions


This book will equip you with the tools to make graceful transitions as a patient or family caregiver! Here, you will find inspiration and practical guidance to help you transition gracefully through changes related to: health, driving, home, finances, and more.

Purchase your copy for 14.95 with free shipping now!






Whether you are experiencing a crash in your health, relationships, finances, or career, you will find here a practical guide to embracing your capacity for resilience. You can re-enter the upward spiral of life!

Purchase your copy today at!