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Posted by on Mar 19, 2017 in Serendipity | 0 comments

My Favorite Postal Worker

My Favorite Postal Worker

Beyond normal expectations

With exuberance, enthusiasm, and a touch of light-hearted humor, he greets each customer. Helping them with their postal needs, his energy is contagious. And even a bit baffling.

It’s the post office. This is not exciting work.

But, he makes it engaging and encouraging! He works as if he is making twice or three times his current salary. Or perhaps he is working as if he is giving out $100 bills and winning tickets for free vacations.

Reminiscent of Fred from Mark Sanborn’s book, The Fred Factor, he goes the extra mile. And then another.

It reminds me to refocus on my mission to inspire, encourage and help as many people as possible. It reminds me to gripe less and spread more joy.

And I notice. We all notice. And we appreciate the work of a postal worker who infuses his work with intentional joy.

Who inspires you by going far beyond normal expectations?

Worth Repeating

Whatever you are, be a good one.

–Abraham Lincoln