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Posted by on Oct 13, 2017 in Caregiving | 0 comments

The Power to Persevere: Heart

The Power to Persevere: Heart

Part 1: Nurture the Heart

When tough times hit, you will weather the storms better if you have support. Nurturing the heart requires connection to other people, preferably people in your psychological safety net.

Perhaps you have one, two, or even multiple people in your psychological safety net. These are the people with whom you can admit and discuss things that you wouldn’t tell anyone else. You might find your people at a support group, Bible study, or on dinner or breakfast outings. A dear friend who died from cancer 8 years ago referred to hers as her band of allies. But, ask yourself right now:

Who are the people in your psychological safety net?
When you do see them?
Where do you meet?
What do you talk about?
Why are they so important to you?
How can you contribute to the good in their life as well?
I typically have breakfast with several friends on a regular basis. We don’t always talk about serious things, but sometimes we do and the conversation happens within a “no judgement zone.”

For you to experience the power to persevere, I encourage you to take initiative in nurturing the heart.

Worth Repeating

To love another person is to see the face of God.

-song lyric from Les Miserables